Resolving Grief


What circumstances may have caused you grief?


· Death of a close friend or family member either recent or long ago.

· Divorce or break-up of a relationship either recent or long ago. 

· Move to a new location.

· Failure at a business or school

· Transition from one age to another

· Incarceration of yourself or someone close to you.

· Could be loss of familiar surroundings, such as graduation from high school or college and entrance into the employment realm.

· Any of other multitude of events.

What will we do in the course?


Ø Distinguish what the past has told us to say and do around loss. There are many things you hear and actions others take that do not help. We will look at those and how our culture, our religions, and we personally have been impacted about those.

Ø Discuss some of the literature/seminars/best practices say about the perceptions of grief, including the Stages of Grief that some swear by and others dismiss. Mary will discuss some of her successes and failures around these. 

Ø Discuss how men and women grieve differently. This session will also include how children grieve and what you can and cannot expect at different ages.

Ø Acknowledging what happened that we would like to have been different. Included in this is assigning blame and starting to look at circumstances differently.

Ø Homework and class activities will have you see your circumstance in a different light, providing you with the ability to be with your losses in a different, freeing manner.



v What if I don’t want to forget my loved one? This is not about forgetting. You will never forget. (or if you do, it will not be related to this workshop) You will be able to remember without going into depression or sadness.

v How can you be sure that I will benefit from this workshop? If you do the assignments (and they are not hard), we promise you will have insights that will assist you.

v What if I miss a class? We will work with you to make sure you catch up.

Specifics and cost

This is an eight session workshop, one to two hours each session delivered weekly, to assist participants in dealing with grief.  The  cost is a very reasonable  $240 for all 8 sessions. New sessions begin in January 2020

Contact Mary now to let her know what times work for you.


Grief Workshop

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After registration, you will receive an information form, which will include the opportunity to schedule time to test your computer and familiarize yourself with the online ( Zoom) platform, and to have a short conversation with Mary before the course starts.