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  Yippee!!  offers both individual and group sessions in the following options: · Individual sessions can be held by Skype or Zoom web services.  · Individual sessions may be provided by telephone for those who do not use or do not feel comfortable with web based services. · Individual sessions may occur in person for individuals seeing Mary in Wrangell, Alaska, or in other locations in the world where she may be. · Groups sessions might be provided by Skype or Zoom web services. · Group sessions could also be facilitated through the use of conference calling – everyone calls into one telephone number and with a code are accepted to the call. · Group sessions are also being created in different places in the world where Mary visits.     

Our Pride & Joy: Testimonials

Our clients' successes are the ultimate reward.  Read some of their stories, and what they have to say about Yippee!!

August 2017, Kathy wrote, " Working with Mary these past six months has had a great impact on my performance at work.  My Board has noticed the difference, as well.  My conversation has gone from listing what is problematic to what is possible.  I have had a vision for a year of the organizational changes that I wanted to make and figured it would happen some day.  In my conversations with Mary over the past few months I was able to identify and take advantage of the resources available and the transformation is nearly complete.  Thank you, Mary!  Yippee coaching creates opportunities for growth and transformation!"  

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Individual Coaching Session


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Bring Your Dreams!   One-on-one coaching session with Mary

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Group Coaching, 5 sessions:


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  Groups with Mary can be so much more powerful than even the individual sessions. She provides opportunities for each group member to share, and what you will get is that there are others who are having the same thoughts, the same challenges, and struggling with the same actions that you do. The group provides a safe setting for group members to support each other in whatever they are up to, and when others in the group have breakthroughs, you may very well have one, too, out of their participation.

Thursday Meditations


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The first three meditation classes were so successful that I am expanding them to additional weeks. Starting on Thursday, July 13, we will continue meditation class. These will be different. We will be trying different types of visualizations, background sounds, and music, giving participants options to try out what they like best. Come join us in the same location, the Lutheran Church foyer. This is not a religious meditation. The church has been generous in offering the space to us. You can purchase here by credit card or PayPal or bring check or cash to class.