YIPPEE! Life Coaching

What do you want?

Are there experiences you want to have, and you cannot figure out how to have them?  Do you have relationships you wish were better? Are there places you want to go, people you want to meet, careers you want to explore?

  YIPPEE! is the experience you will have by having Mary Rose Campbell coach YOU to your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!  

Mary offers groups online and in person. She also offers individual coaching online, by telephone, and in person.

Welcome To Your Extraordinary Life!

  What sort of people have life coaches?  Think about it. Professional athletes have coaches. All athletes have coaches. There are insights and techniques that coaches can teach. They have the ability to see the existing abilities and the possibilities for excellence in the people they coach. The same is true for life coaches. 

 Why have a life coach?    We listen for the already incredible progress you have made in your life; we listen for the hopes, dreams and goals you want; and we listen for the blocks to your breakthroughs, guiding you through those blocks, thereby giving you access to your extraordinary life.  

Why would you want a life coach?   What is the area, or what are the areas where you want a breakthrough?  Family? Career? Fun? Vacations? Health? Wellness? What would it be like for you to have a breakthrough in those areas?    


Mary is a Licensed Master Social Worker who has used Yippee's philosophies, practices and tools to create an extraordinary life. She is the author of "THIS - Lessons for an Extraordinary Life" about some of her journey. Sign up now for all the exciting news from YIPPEE!